01 Privacy Policy:

Our SMM services are not limited to any one social media platform. We are experienced in providing all social media services to our clients and satisfy them. We are a NY-based company, working in the niche for about 5+ years, and have all the complete and possible guidance to easily run the company.

We have our goals and aims set with proper policies, and we work according to them only. Our company also happens to ask the customers for few of their information like;

  1. Name

  2. Page or account link

  3. Phone number

  4. Email address

We believe in providing membership to our clients to feel at home while working with us. We use the information mentioned above to provide the discount offers and any and all new opportunities and packages. We inform you about the process and also about all the human errors if they happen in between. With access to your personal information, we make sure not to violate any of it and keep it completely safe. We take all the responsibility for our actions and services. We take our client's information and keep it secure and confidential with us without sharing it with a third party. We believe in maintaining a trustworthy and honest relationship with our clients, so our customer's privacy is always on top priority. We are running this business for so long, and the reason for being top-notch is our secure and trustworthy service.

02 Payment:

Our website has many payment methods. You can transfer money through credit cards and can even use other payment methods. All our methods are secured with the standardized SSL. The different methods we have set to make clients' lives better. You can choose one method which suits you the most. The online payment systems we have are:

  1. PayPal

  2. Western Union

  3. Paytm

The customers can choose any of the features mentioned above methods to transfer money and avail the best facilities and services in the market. These methods enable all our national and international customers to make online payment an easier task.

03 Email Security:

Our privacy policy works in a way that we make sure not to ask you about your personal and private information like credit card pins, account passwords, etc. You need to trust us when we say that all your information is safe with us. Before contacting us, be sure of all the services and facilities we provide to our clients under our terms and conditions as we only believe in offering the best SMM service to our clients.

04 Use of Cookies:

Cookies are a type of small text that helps our website to upgrade and improve user experience automatically. It is a text which appears when visitors open the website. It requires the user’s approval to proceed with further actions. This allows the owner to see where the visitors are from, what services they are looking for, how we can help in other ways, and so on. According to our privacy and policy, these cookies also help the website owner look at what visitors are doing on the website.

05 Other Situations:

These are the privacy policies we work on, but some events like the mentioned following happened, resulting in a change in the privacy policy.

  1. If the government needs customer information data.

  2. Situations where customer safety is important.

  3. During law duties, the website changes its policies, timings, working hours, etc.