01 Can I Ask For A Refund?

Yes, our website does have a refund policy, but we also have some situations in which these refund policies are applicable. The circumstances that lead to the refund policy application are:

  1. If we fail to provide your desired service to your accounts within the given due date.

  2. If we failed to get you the quality service even after three days of registration.

  3. If the service we deliver is not the service you asked for.

These are the circumstances under which our refund policy is applicable. Sometimes it takes time due to network or other issues, but we never let that happen. The reason is, our main focus is to satisfy our clients. If we deliver the quality desired service with no error, then there will be no refund.

02 Can I Cancel My Order If I Do Not Want To Get The Service?

The most frequently asked question is about the refund policy and cancelation of orders. The order confirmation process is long, and it takes time. So, if you approach us within time to cancel the order, then there will be a cancellation. This way you will get your money back. But if your order gets confirmed and is in the processing time, there will be no cancellation. We can only refund your money and cancel your order if it is not in its processing step.

Like every other website, we also have our customer rights policy. We firmly work on it and make sure to provide satisfactory results. We provide customer rights promptly with satisfactory high-quality results and we also issue refunds. We have set our refund policy with a few beneficial situations for both parties, our websites and in the client's favor. In other words, you can always get a refund and cancel your order any time before processing starts. The confirmation process takes time as there are many orders in the queue, so if you approached us before the processing period, you could get all your money back easily.

As mentioned above, if your order gets processed or in the process of getting delivered to your account promptly without any error, then there is no refund applicable to it. If we manage to deliver the services just according to your requirements, we will not issue a refund. This is our set of refund policy terms and services.